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Archives: 2007 February | Cure Gout Now

Nutritional Therapy a Natural Cure For Gout

Nutritional therapy is type of natural cure for gout that is based on the belief that food contains the natural medicines our body requires in order to obtain and sustain health. 
How can nutritional therapy help gout?  Although it is often used as a complimentary treatment with medication, nutritional therapy can help gout sufferers find relief […]

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Can Acupressure Relieve Your Gout Attack?

Exercise is excellent at preventing gout, but it isn’t the best treatment when it comes to easing a gout attack.  However, this doesn’t mean that you need to turn to medication to ease your pain and discomfort.  There are plenty of alternative and complimentary remedies out there you may want to try first.  One such […]

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Gout and Exercise- Some Surprising News

One of the best ways to prevent kidney stones and the recurrence of gout is to exercise.  Aside from helping you stay in shape and maintaining a healthy body weight, exercise provides your body with many benefits, some of which include:
• Strengthening, building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints
• Improve mobility and flexibility
• Improves circulation
• Reduces the risk […]

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Gout and the Risk of Kidney Stones

Despite what joints may be affected by gout, this particular form of arthritis can cause another complication – kidney stones.
What are kidney stones and what causes them?  Kidney stones are small masses that are rock-like in substance.  They can be small enough to be passed through urination, or large enough to block the flow of […]

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