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Archives: 2007 December | Cure Gout Now

Great Gout Home Remedies That You Can Try Today

When eating a low purine diet that avoids the common gout triggers, taking your medications, and doing all you can to prevent gout attacks does not seem to be working for you, you can be left feeling frustrated with the effect this condition is having on your life.
However, have you thought about taking a natural […]

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Causes Of Gout That You May Not Know About

Your diagnosis of gout may come with information and warnings from your doctor about the foods you eat and what you can do to prevent further attacks. You may be told your condition is hereditary in many cases, and that you should follow certain steps to get rid of your pain when you have an attack. […]

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Is It Gout or Pseudo Gout?

You’re certain you have gout, but are you really sure that is the correct assumption? You may not have heard of pseudo gout, but it might just be the root cause of your problem. Unlike gout, pseudo gout effects people across a broad range of ages and is also more common in both sexes when […]

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