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Archives: 2008 March | Cure Gout Now

Managing Your Gout Hypertension Risk

A gout friendly diet can be very beneficial when treating and preventing recurrent gout attacks, but can a special diet do anything for related gout hypertension?  It certainly can.  Diet and lifestyle change are the two best treatment methods for a person who suffers from both gout and high blood pressure.
Despite the fact that it […]

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Three Delicious Main Dishes for Your Arthritis Gout Diet

If gout has you feeling down, one of the best ways you can gain a more positive mental outlook is to focus on creating and enjoying a tasty arthritis gout diet.  Like many other health conditions, there are certain foods that can trigger gout attacks and make gout worse.  Foods that can lead to gout […]

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Do Not Let Your Gout Cause Depression

Openly talking to your doctor about medication and other facts of gout, will help you avoid letting your gout cause other issues in addition to the painful attacks you’re already experiencing.  The reason why it is important to be able to freely talk about your gout condition is because gout can cause depression.
Feeling a bit […]

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Three Things to Ask Your Doctor About Your Gout Medications

If you suffer from gout and you have been prescribed gout medications by your doctor, you need to take the time to ask your doctor all the questions you may have regarding your prescription.  Not sure what you should ask?  The following are three questions you should ask your doctor before you take any medication […]

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