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8 Reasons for Trying This Gout Remedy | Cure Gout Now

8 Reasons for Trying This Gout Remedy

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Once you’ve learned that one of the best gout remedy options available to you is to lose extra weight, your first step was likely to learn about the foods that you can eat to prevent gout, and then create a diet around them to help you lose extra weight.  However, once your weight is under control, your next step is to keep it there, instead of regaining it as happens to so many people. 

Maintaining your weight loss isn’t just about food.  You need to exercise to strengthen your muscles to support the joints prone to gout attacks, and by keeping active you will keep your weight down which reduces your risk of gout recurrences. Aside from gout inflammation prevention, don’t forget that there are many other advantages to exercising properly, such as:

• Better flexibility and mobility – even when you do have an attack
• Improved circulation
• Decreasing your risk of certain cancers
• Lowering your potential of heart disease
• Lowers your cholesterol level
• Improved overall state of mind
• Decreasing your potential for developing diabetes
• Increases your energy levels

Of course, when exercise is discussed in terms of being a gout remedy, it refers to activities that are very easy on the joints.  It’s also very important that you do the exercises correctly.  Make sure that you learn the exercises from a doctor, physiotherapist, or qualified personal trainer.  Unless you do the exercises properly, you could be doing more harm than good.  Remember that you’re doing this for the sake of your joints, so it’s worth putting in the extra effort to do it right.

There are a few different kinds of exercises that are good for gout sufferers.  These include:

• Range of motion exercises – this type of exercise is especially good for preventing gout as it has to do with keeping your joints mobile and flexible in order to reduce stiffness.  An example with your feet includes curling and straightening your toes slowly and carefully.  You could also rotate your ankle in a circular motion to the full extent of its range.

• Strengthening exercises – this type of exercise is for building or maintaining muscle strength.  This is primarily accomplished with weight training or resistance training.  Building your muscles is important for supporting the joints. 

• Endurance exercises – this type of exercise meant to strengthen your circulatory system and build your energy.  This is the kind of exercise that will help you with your weight control.  Swimming, cycling, walking, and aerobics are good examples of this kind of exercise.

• Stretching exercises – this type of exercise that helps with your flexibility as well as your muscle strength.  Good examples of this kind of exercise are pilates, yoga, and tai chi.

When it comes to exercise as a gout remedy, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is learn when to exercise and when not to.  Remember that exercise is great for preventing gout, but it has its limit.  Remember that an inflamed joint should never be exercised – whether or not that inflammation is caused by gout.  If you exercise a joint that is inflamed by a gout attack, you risk causing it more pain and prolonging the gout inflammation.  Only small, gentle range of motion exercises should be attempted very slowly.

When a joint is inflamed, your main effort should be on easing the inflammation instead of exercising.  Your activity level can increase when the inflammation reduces.  Cool compresses and anti-inflammatory medications will help in that vein.  Talk to your doctor about the best gout remedy for you.


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  1. jerome
    September 25th, 2008 | 9:23 pm

    I am still looking for a comprehensive list of foods to definitely avoid as well as another list of beneficial foods to ward off future gout problems. Juat something simple but to the point. And i was wondering…if red wine is a no-no, what about red or purple grapes????

    Thank you for any info you can provide me’

    Jerome Wall

  2. September 26th, 2008 | 2:42 pm

    Hi Jerome -

    Here is a post I did a while ago with a list:


    If you want a comprehensive list, along with natural home remedies then take a look at the Cure Gout Now Natural Home Remedies and Food Bible on my catalog page here:


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